Berman S.p.A. – the leading designer and manufacturer of OEM body components and genuine accessories, located in San Benedetto Po (Mantua, Italy) – presents the XX Edition of Autostyle Design Competition.


This edition restores the Special Versions International Competition.


Students from Design Schools are invited to take part in the competition by creating two special versions based on an existing original production or concept car.


All the proposal will be evaluated and three main awards will be assigned:

1. Committee Award: assigned by representatives and Chief Designers of Carmakers

2. Press Award: assigned by some of the main specialized magazines

3. Audience Award: assigned by people attending the event

1. Allowance

Students will be allowed to add accessory components and modify original components, specifically:
• bumpers 
• front grilles 
• side skirts 
• spoilers 
• wheel arches 
• mouldings 
• alloy wheels 
• modify colours

2 . Limits

It is not allowed to use any image already processed by others, including those available on the web .

3. Evaluation Criteria

• Design and styling language coherence with the brand
• Originality and innovation
• Elegance
• Comprehensiveness of work done and feasibility

4. Schedule instructions

Applications (please send your resumé and your portfolio/ size limit: 10 MB) must be sent by -mail to, by June, 30 – 2023 with the subject: “AUTOSTYLE 2023 – STUDENT”.
The selected designers will be immediately notified their participation to the project. Completed projects must be submitted by August, 31 – 2023.
The selected students will attend the awarding ceremony during the event on 11-12 October in Mantua, Italy.
None of the material submitted will be returned.
By submitting the material, participants concede all rights to its use, provided that the name of the author is clearly indicated.