Digital Editions

In the spring 2020, it was soon clear that an in-presence event could not be possible, we therefore proposed, the Design Centers and technical partners, the idea of Autostyle in a digital version.


Of course, this concept had to be refined and developed with further discussions: initially it was only possible to outline a rough calendar of presentations, starting from September 24, week by week, every Thursday.


Responses from the Chiefs of the Design Centers came between June and July to book rapidly the date, assuming that all technical constraints had been solved. And this positively surprised us a lot.

So, in a short time we came to set an agenda with episode until December 10 with the Awarding Ceremony of the students competition. It was not possible to go on further due to the obvious Christmas period.


At that point it was certainly no longer possible to discuss about digital techniques and other details regarding presentations: we had to rush and manage a real show.


A very positive experience that can certainly be repeated also for the Autostyle 2021 edition.