2022 PRESS



Automobili Lamborghini ha preso parte alla XIX edizione dell’Autostyle Design Competition, la manifestazione promossa dal componentista Berman S.p.A. che presenta le ultime novità e i progetti dei designer più all’avanguardia del panorama italiano. L’evento, che si è tenuto il 27 ottobre a Villa Schiarino Lena, alle porte di Mantova, ha visto la presenza di Mitja Borkert, Head of Design di Automobili Lamborghini, che ha raccontato il Design DNA del brand presentando i modelli Countach LPI 800-4, Huracán Tecnica e l’ultimissima Urus Performante.


Toyota Europe Design Development (ED2), il centro di design Europe di Toyota, ha partecipato alla 19a edizione dell’AutoStyle Design Competition, tenutosi il 27 ottobre a Mantova nella splendida cornice di Villa Schiarino Lena. L’evento, che annualmente ospita le più importanti firme dell’automotive design, è stata un’occasione per approfondire i temi che hanno portato allo sviluppo del nuovo bZ4X, primo SUV 100% elettrico di Toyota.

Real design for real people: Autostyle 2022

What constitutes perfect (automotive) design? The Berman Autostyle Design Competition has long and consistently pursued this question and took place for the 19th time in 2022. After a digital intermezzo, the get-together of the best car designers finally took place “face to face” again – at Villa Schiarino Lena.


After two years as a “digital edition”, Autostyle returned to its in-presence form on 27th October. Promoted, as it is every year, by Berman, the event this year was proposed in the Autostyle +Design formula: it has not yet recovered the design competition for young creatives, which we will have to wait for until 2023, but it has restarted both the conferences and the exhibition of new production novelties, with ample space for supercars.

Berman Autostyle +Design 2022: resoconto della diciannovesima edizione a Porto Mantovano

Dopo due anni di edizione digitale, l’appuntamento del 2022 con Autostyle +Design si è nuovamente svolto in presenza. L’evento dedicato al design, promosso da Berman Spa sotto l’egida del prof. Roberto Artioli, si è riavvicinato così alla formula tradizionale: conferenze sul design, concentrate in una maratona tenuta il 27 ottobre alla mattina fino al primo pomeriggio, ed esposizione delle auto per il pubblico nell’incantevole cornice di villa Schiarino Lena a Porto Mantovano, un luogo finora mai utilizzato per Autostyle.


Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022 returns in person …..in style!

From the beautiful autumn setting at the Villa Schiarino Lena, Porto Mantovano, just outside the medieval city of Mantova in Northern Italy, a display of the world’s finest supercars, sports cars, along with everyday motors was a joy to behold for any car enthusiast. The special occasion was the 19th running of the Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022, back in a public platform once again, after a three year absence. The powerful presence of latest models from leading Italian brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Dallara, Alfa Romeo along with Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota was one aspect of the day’s programme, as inside the main hall, a series of presentations by most of these named marques revealed some secrets behind their current and future creations, in a stage type format.

XIX Autostyle Design Editions Lamborghini Design DNA – ‘Feel like a Pilot’!

Another look at the happenings inside the Automobili Lamborghini Centro Stile in Bologna was presented by Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at the XIX Autostyle Design Editions, held at Villa Schiarino Lena, Mantua on 27 October. The Autostyle Design Editions, promoted by Berman S.p.A. presents the latest innovations and futuristic projects from leading designers in an exclusive and professional environment. The day’s agenda included inspirational exchanges of ideas on design and newly created projects. Mitja, a passionate supporter of the event, spoke about the Design DNA of the Lamborghini House of Sant’Agata Bolognese, presenting details on latest models such as the Countach LPI 800-4, Huracán Tecnica and the latest Urus Performante. He emphasised the philosophy of the famous Italian performance car brand by quoting – “ Design is a function – Driving human beyond – Being the leader of the unexpected”.

Evolution of Pagani Automobili featured at XIX Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022

One of the most viewed and photographed sports supercars on exhibit in the gardens of the Villa Schiarino Lena, Porto Mantovano for the 19th Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022 was the marine blue Pagani Huayra Codalunga, a subject matter and highlights of the day-long seminar. Lorenzo Kerkoc, Head of Pagani Grandi Complicazioni was joined on stage by colleague Mattia Gessi to present a timeline profile of recent models developed by last independently owned Italian supercar brand. With passion Lorenzo described the evolution of the original Zonda family, such as the HP & Revo barchettas, and the bespoke Imola model, from 2017, 2019 & 2020 respectivey.

Autostyle XIX + Design Edition – Dallara; Creating style in motor-racing car design

Dialma Zinelli, Director of the Dallara Automobili Aerodynamic Department, made a bold statement at the 19th Autostyle+ Design Edition at the Villa Schiarino Lena in Mantovano, Italy. He began his address to the invited audience in reference to motorsport car design: “Style and Motorsport: The Time has Come’ and made reference to a famous quote by the legendary Enzo Ferrari – ‘A car is beautiful if it wins!”

Best of Maserati Creativity at XIX Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022 – Villa Schiarino Lena, Porto Mantovano, Italy

Latest from the Maserati Centro Stile stable is the MC20 Cielo cabriolet coupé, a sibling to the MC20 super sports car. As Pablo German D’Agostino, Chief Exterior Designer, stated at the 19th Autostyle+ Digital Edition seminar, ‘the Maserati MC20 Cielo is a one-of-a-kind car that can deliver the performance of a true super sports car, together with immersive driving pleasure the like of which has never been seen before’.

Inside track on Ferrari’s 296 GTB & Daytona SP3 explained at XIX Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022

Carlo Palazzani, Head of Sports Car Exterior Design at Ferrari took to the stage at the 19th Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022, at Mantova to present the highlights and more on the new Ferrari 268 GTB and latest Daytona SP3 sports cars, direct from the design table from its Maranello headquarters nearby.

Autostyle XIX + Design Edition – New Toyota bZ4X Design Story

Regular guest presenter Lance Scott, President of Toyota’s ED2 Design Centre in Southern France, gave a unique insight to the creation of the all-new bZ4X, the first electric SUV from Toyota at the 19th Autostyle+ Design Edition 2022, at Porto Mantovano, Italy. He began with the reveal of the new car stating – “So this is the result of our journey which began in 2017, to when we started to think of what kind of experience we could develop in the future of BEVs. Our experimental models were made public at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, with six ED2 design vehicles on display.”